Art as a spiritual journey

We are all born with a gift or talent. How we choose to express it is as varied as each wave of the ocean, or cloud formation. Mother nature/ the Universe/God gives us  a daily dose of what I call “eye candy”, inspiration everywhere we look. I chose to create this site to share my blessings.  I am an expat. The travel bug will not let go of me. I make dolls and figurines that remind me of my travels. This art is my passion. Each piece contains not only my love and energy  but at least one item or accessory that was found in another country.  My work is not perfect. Each time a piece is finished,  my spirit becomes more peaceful. Hope you get a dose of “eye candy” from looking at my art. Thanks and God Bless You.

Santa Genaro

Zodiac Ladies

These figurines are wearing an astrological charm. They are sculpted from Premo polymer clay with a strong armature with wires in their arms. Hair is designed from lamb’s wool or brush trim. Head decorations are created from jewelry, found objects, metal and beads. Mini handbags made from clay, fabric and paper. Figurines measure 7 to 9 inches tall.













Lamaze on a camel

In September 2018, as part of the “Sac Studio Tours”, Sacramento Verge Center for the Arts produces an annual exhibit for local artist. My contribution was a woman in labor accompanied by a husband coaching her in Lamaze deep breathing while negotiating a camel ride to the hospital. The couple is sculpted from Premo polymer clay, mohair and jewelry findings. A wire armature into the leather camel prevents a sudden fall. Piece measures approximately 17 inches.

Three Wise Kings

Indian-made leather camels are a common sight in the Middle East. They lend themselves well to the creation of Biblically-inspired characters. For years I’ve dreamed  of making the 3 wise  kings and here they are. Camels are 12 inches tall, the figurine adds an additional 6-7 inches. Each camel  required a handmade seat which would allow easy  figurine removal. Each camel cover is unique with silks, trims, fabric, beaded material, and jewelry.  The kings’ heads, hands and feet/boots are sculpted from polymer clay over a wire armature including the fingers.

Balthasar’s King  hair is  soft steel wool. His silk head turban includes a wolf’s head. He holds a golden container which is an upcycled woman’s ring.   (SOLD)


King Caspar’s hair and beard are lamb’s wool. His red jacket fabric is vintage. The collar is made from a Turkish carpet/ page holder. He  holds an oriental-style pendant/container. His headpiece is a silk covered Styrofoam ring with beads. (SOLD)



King Melchior’s hair and beard are made from  goat’s hair. His crown is a combination of an earring and pendant.  The container in his hands is a pendant. (SOLD)




Zapped Cat

The first character in a series depicting medical professionals as animals.                         Dr. Flup Dub is a cardiologist, expert in resuscitation. At the prompting of his conniving mouse co-worker, he decides to test the AED on himself.. The result is a life threatening  cardiac pattern (V. Tach), shocked hair and bulging eyes. This figure is 16 inches tall. Head and hands are a combination of polymer clay and wool felting. His armature includes 2 rods imbedded from his shoulders to a wooden base. His AED bag, cable,pad and clothing are handmade. He wears a recycled cotton striped shirt with cufflinks, silk bow tie, woolen pants, leather belt and lab coat. His boots are made from vinyl leather. The polymer clay mouse holds a “how to” manual. One of a kind.




Bacon Bikers

Found  metal motorcycles at Hobby Lobby so it was time to see if polymer clay can be added to the bike. Each piece has wiring into the foot pedals and seat. Aluminum foil  bulks out the torso and polymer clay is used to create the clothes. The eyes are recycled BB gun pellets. Each piece is approximately  7-8inches tall and 8 inches long.


Grandpa Porky Oink just retired and plans a cross country trip carrying his pension wherever he goes.



Gertrude Chop Oink spends her time collecting butterfly blouses and meeting the “girls” at the golf club for a little gossip.


Sausage Ann Oink is taking her children shopping but the flat tire is taking her attention away from the action in the back. She wears a cloth blouse and carries a  clay handbag. 





Ribs Oink got his new bike on his 21st birthday, dropped out of school and joined the “Mud Rollers” rock band.


And this little piggy…….

Captain Bacon is approximately 18 inches tall. His face, hands and hat are sculpted from Premo polymer clay. His body has a wire armature and he stands on a wooden base. His clothes are a combination of cotton and silk. His sword is a metal letter opener. The trunk was bought in Bahrain and re-covered with clay and jewelry findings. The beard is mohair. The skeleton earring is a recycled pendant.


IMG_0873 (1)

Biker Hog started out as a resin figurine purchased at Hobby Lobby.  His clothes, cap and sunglasses are made from Premo polymer clay. The Harley emblem on his back was created using tattoo paper. A key chain emerges from his vest pocket and there is a stud in his right ear. Metal stars decorate his boots and vest. He measures 5 inches tall and 7 inches long. (SOLD)IMG_0746


Firefighter Oink is another Hobby Lobby figurine transformation. His uniform, boots and hat are created from Premo polymer clay. The Sacramento fire department emblem is a tattoo transfer.  He measures 5 inches tall and 7 inches long  (SOLD)