Art as a spiritual journey

We are all born with a gift or talent. How we choose to express it is as varied as each wave of the ocean, or cloud formation. Mother nature/ the Universe/God gives us  a daily dose of what I call “eye candy”, inspiration everywhere we look. I chose to create this site to share my blessings.  I am an expat. The travel bug will not let go of me. I make dolls and figurines that remind me of my travels. This art is my passion. Each piece contains not only my love and energy  but at least one item or accessory that was found in another country.  My work is not perfect. Each time a piece is finished,  my spirit becomes more peaceful. Hope you get a dose of “eye candy” from looking at my art. Thanks and God Bless You.

Santa Genaro

Author: expattraveldolls

I am a doll artist who creates one of a kind dolls and figurines. I love to make my favorite character, Santa Claus , St. Nick, Father Christmas and old men. I also enjoy representing women from diverse cultures.

One thought on “Art as a spiritual journey”

  1. Your art is wonderful. I am excited that you are selling at the SCTA event in November. My suggestion for your Face Book page would to place a picture of your art as the first photo to show on the site to grab interest to read further. Good work.


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