Zapped Cat

The first character in a series depicting medical professionals as animals.                         Dr. Flup Dub is a cardiologist, expert in resuscitation. At the prompting of his conniving mouse co-worker, he decides to test the AED on himself.. The result is a life threatening  cardiac pattern (V. Tach), shocked hair and bulging eyes. This figure is 16 inches tall. Head and hands are a combination of polymer clay and wool felting. His armature includes 2 rods imbedded from his shoulders to a wooden base. His AED bag, cable,pad and clothing are handmade. He wears a recycled cotton striped shirt with cufflinks, silk bow tie, woolen pants, leather belt and lab coat. His boots are made from vinyl leather. The polymer clay mouse holds a “how to” manual. One of a kind.




Author: expattraveldolls

I am a doll artist who creates one of a kind dolls and figurines. I love to make my favorite character, Santa Claus , St. Nick, Father Christmas and old men. I also enjoy representing women from diverse cultures.

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