I am a grown woman who plays with dolls. I create them, dress them, give them a personality and then I let them go. My greatest pleasure is making someone else happy because they received one of my creations. I don’t have a formal degree in the fine arts. My background is in nursing and education. I learned the love of fabrics by watching my mother and aunts at their sewing machines. What I know about doll making, I learned from books, videos and my mistakes. Years ago, I had the honor of taking a class from Mark Dennis (www.mad-sculptor.com) and Jack Johnston (http://www.artdolls.com/. }

I love to sculpt with Premo polymer clay and the different skin tones possible with this medium. I have traveled quite a bit and have collected some interesting accessories to use on my dolls. I am now retired, living in Sacramento, Calif and creating my art every chance I get. I look forward to creating new characters.