Laughing Santa

Just finished this doll for the Sacramento’s Verge Studio exhibit. He is 18 inches tall with glass eyes, Australian mohair. His clothing includes a silk vest,woolen pants and leather boots with recycled fur. He holds a vintage “Charlie Brown” character. His bag is digitally printed with other “Peanuts” characters.



Tranformed felt hats

Walked into the local Target store and I see these plain, quality felt hats.  I told myself “If your going to look special this Halloween, put something unusual on your head.”

Each hat is unique and designed to be worn at different angles. Characters and hands made from Premo polymer clay.


Sneaky snake
Just visiting my grave  SOLD
Waiting on lunch to land over here
Creepy and staring at me   SOLD
Still waiting for the groom to show up 
Snake and charms   SOLD





Bewitching Wanda
Bewitching Wanda




Gone Batty
Gone Batty


Eyeball flower with femurs




Santa Claus and other characters

I  love to make Santa Claus dolls and related characters. They all have wire armature for support. Their clothing is individually sewn. The mohair is dyed as needed. Fingers are wired. Their faces include glass eyes. Below are  samples of my favorite creations. Enjoy!

Santa Genaro

Ethnic Santa“: one of my favorites because he looks like a family member. There’s an elf hidden in the basket.


“Mickey’s Mess” tree lights get tangled up when you leave a mouse in charge .


“Seeking the North Star.” Astrologer Santa looks through a telescope. In his left hand is a compass and a navigational map. Clothes include wool coat with recycled fur, Indian trims, handmade leather/clay boots.


“Yes Lord”  Ethnic Santa has recycled fur trim. Handmade jester in left hand. Inside sweater says “Joy. Hat made of fur and recycle silk tie. Wool pants, lined coat.


“I’ll just have one more” This granny wears a dress made from vintage fabric. Grey mohair, Xmas plate, cloth and polymer clay shoes.  SOLD




“LOL Santa”  Jacket digitally printed with Disney characters.  SOLD

IMG_0828                                                                                                                                                                   “The handyman”  Leather apron, store bought tool box  SOLD

Tree top ethnic angel

Tree top angel.  SOLD


Miniature Santa rides leather camel imported from India.


Santa with his sleigh.

A carpenter friend made a few sleighs for me.  After decorating them, a different Santa was created to tell a story. Enjoy!

Bugs Bunny as the Elf Union Rep   SOLD
Father Time
St Nick
Santa letters   SOLD
Been sitting too long, bladder is full.  SOLD

Finally, nap time  SOLD


Martha, come help me with this mess!
Trust me, I’m really Santa
Santa and the cardinal
Let there be Peace

Art as a spiritual journey

We are all born with a gift or talent. How we choose to express it is as varied as each wave of the ocean, or cloud formation. Mother nature/ the Universe/God gives us  a daily dose of what I call “eye candy”, inspiration everywhere we look. I chose to create this site to share my blessings.  I am an expat. The travel bug will not let go of me. I make dolls and figurines that remind me of my travels. This art is my passion. Each piece contains not only my love and energy  but at least one item or accessory that was found in another country.  My work is not perfect. Each time a piece is finished,  my spirit becomes more peaceful. Hope you get a dose of “eye candy” from looking at my art. Thanks and God Bless You.

Santa Genaro